El Reposo del Arte

An active holiday in Spain

In Archidona,

Andalucía, Spain


El Reposo del Arte s.l.

Apartado postal 83,

29300 Archidona


0034 620369077

Classes given in english

Drawing and painting courses


from beginners to advanced



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Deep down inside, you always wished you could draw or paint, but you do not know very well where to start…


We help you to get started!








Also: ask for our one day workshops


We organise drawing and painting courses of one week in Archidona, Andalucía, Spain.

Our house and workshop are situated at 5 car minutes from the village, in the countryside.

Andalucía has been chosen deliberately, because this Spanish region characterises itself by its beautiful historical ornamental art and astounding landscapes. It's easy to get inspired by all that beauty. After class-hours you will enjoy the laid-back way of living of the Spaniards in a wonderful climate; sunny and without the humidity of e.g. Florida!

Deliberately, we select the locations outside the busy coastal areas and are, depending on the season, in Archidona; a still relatively undiscovered little town in the centre of Andalucía, in our workshop or in the village, or in the fields.  Archidona is an excellent starting-point from where to undertake trips besides the normal class-hours.

Essential is, that we share our knowledge and experience with you, in a calm environment, and in small groups. Personal attention is guaranteed in this way. If you wish we can also make arrangements for individual classes.

The locations are meant to really help you develop your drawing-skills and when you return home, you will feel confident that it is within your reach to start a new hobby: "Being creative with pencil and brush".

The groups will never be bigger than 10 active participants, and we will make every effort to let you enjoy the "laid-back"-atmosphere of the Spanish life-style.

Very often our classes are private or nearly private lessons: a couple, friends, mother and daughter etc.

We even do classes for just one person.




We always start with an “intake session” of an hour, on the first day.

This is to get insight about your level of drawing experience, after which we will be able to start your lessons tailor-made, and you will be able to develop your talents in a very satisfactory way.









Even total beginners! You will be amazed about your advances made in just one week!



The course-fee is Euro 400, -- for a one-week course.


Classes from Monday up to and included Friday, and optional Saturday morning.

Everyday from 10.00 h. till 14.00 h. (with a coffee break)

Lunch and siesta on your own

Afternoon from 17.00 h. tot 20.00 h.: workshop open to finish work from the morning or to start a new lesson theme (with coffee or tea break)

This depends on your energy level and commitment; you can also use the afternoon to explore the region.

How to book? Follow this link for more information.

The Spanish way of life means that restaurants open at 20.00 h at night, and serve until deep into the night.